Education and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups of women in Rwanda

Marie Aimee Umugeni, predsednica Ženskega centra Nyamirambo, foto: Ross Oscar Knight

Marie Aimee Umugeni, president of Nyamirambo Women’s Center, photo: Ross Oscar Knight

Objective: To increase literacy and economic independence of vulnerable groups of women/girls in selected four local environments in Rwanda and to contribute to reduction of differences between women and men.

Target group: Women and girls over 15 years old (at least 850 in four local environments): 360 included in literacy course, 180 in sewing course, 240 in hair-dressing course, at least 70 included in activities for strengthening the capacities of local NGOs for supporting equal opportunities, strengthening the role of women, improvements in the field of literacy, education, trainings, project management etc.

Expected results: 1) increased literacy of women/girls in selected local environments and improvement of their position in the society; 2) gained skills in two professions – sewing and hair-dressing; 3) strengthened capacities of local NGOs for their engagement in the field of equal opportunities, strengthening the role of women, reducing discrimination against women and gender differences.

Short description of the project: Project activities and expected results contribute to achieving specific objective through literacy course and trainings for tailors and hairdressers for most vulnerable women/girls in selected four local environments in Rwanda. Literacy is an indispensible prerequisite for active participation in the society (for arranging formal matters, education, employment, assisting children with education etc.). Through literacy and trainings for two selected professions women/girls will improve their employment opportunities and their economic situation, which will help them to break the cycle of poverty in which they are caught. The project also contributes to reducing gender differences and discrimination against women/girls through activities for upgrading the work of local NGOs in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment. These NGOs will stay actively engaged in these fields also after this project ends. Public awareness and involvement/support of the local authorities will also contribute to gender equality on the long run.

Nyamirambo Women’s Center: Literacy class video

In a short video, the participants explain why they are learning to read and write, how it will help them in their lives and what they want in the future. The literacy course is part of the project ‘Education and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups of women in Rwanda’, carried out by the Peace Institute in cooperation with the Nyamirambo Women’s Center and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Nyamirambo Women’s Center: Mugina branch openin ceremony video

Together with local organization Nyamirambo Women’s Center we are implementing a project in Rwanda which enables numerous women education, trainings and also employment. Due to Covid-19 and preventive measures taken by the Rwandan government NWC had to temporarily close all of its doors – the office, classrooms, working rooms, store and library. We hope the situation will improve soon so we can continue with all our activities.


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