Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (evaluation study)

The aim of the project was to present the complexity of the structure and the function of the pact and the evaluation of its two-year existence; it also looked at the scope and intensity of Slovenia’s activities within the pact and at the role and functioning of non-governmental organisations. The project was designed for the Slovene governmental project group of the stability pact: the conclusions reached in the study could enhance the efficiency of the project group and NGO representatives wishing to take part in the stability pact. The project evaluated the perspectives for non-governmental involvement.

The project focused on:
1. The political and institutional aspects of the pact;
2. The position, role, and activity of Slovenia within the pact;
3. The potential and role for the non-governmental sector.

The precondition for the efficient implementation of the pact is the synergic co-operation of all the contributing agents, and in particular the participation of civil initiatives.

Project leaders: Damjan Lajh and Vlasta Jalušič
Project coworkers: Karmen Klavžar, Brankica Petković and Aldo Milohnić


Printed publication Damjan Lajh: Stability Pact, Slovenia – NGO’s (evaluation study)