SUPPORT: developing innovative models of support and communication for NGOs

Consortium partners address the problem of lowering democratic standards in Slovenia and reducing the space for civil society organizations to work in the field of human rights, equality and freedom of the media.

The main strategic goals of the consortium are:

  • raising awareness, support and participation of target audiences in partners’ efforts to consolidate democracy, equality and transparency;
  • to achieve greater power in responding to societal problems such as hate speech, fake news and misinformation, and violations of democratic standards, misuse of public resources and functions;
  • develop and test innovative approaches, new tools and content for target audiences that will simultaneously enable to obtain alternative sources of funding, thereby ensuring better long-term financial and human sustainability;
  • strengthen the visibility of the work of the consortium partners and liaise more effectively with NGOs, supporters and activists at local and regional level to achieve greater reach and impact;
  • mutual transfer of knowledge between partners and participation in projects of common interest.

Within the project the Peace Institute co-finances the post of communication coordinator.