BEHAVE – SEE Beyond Hate: Learning and Acting to Counter Hate Speech Online in South East Europe

logotip1_engSlovenia, Croatia and Serbia, countries of former Yugoslavia located on the Balkan migration route, face increasing hate speech online that exploit tensions and negative attitudes to minority groups. Spread of hatred and radicalization of youth online is a burning issue. Teachers lack knowledge how to address it in classrooms. Several good practices of countering hate speech online exist in the region and EU with few sharing opportunities. The project aims at:

  • Identifying good practices and supporting mutual learning on countering hate speech online between state and non-state actors in the three countries;
  • Understanding hate speech online, strengthening critical thinking and responding to dominant hate narratives in new media forms addressing particularly young users;
  • Raising competencies of secondary school teachers for working with students in addressing hate speech online.

Project execution

Good practices on countering hate speech in target countries and EU will be mapped and 12-15 elaborated. 30 state and non-state actors will take part in mutual learning event. Hate speech narratives in new media forms will be studied, counter narratives developed and used in online campaigns addressing young internet users. A training programme for teachers and a booklet with teaching methods/materials will be produced and tested regionally by 15 teachers.


The ‘Mutual learning regional conference on good practices and lessons learned from countering hate speech online’, October 2020. Links to e-publications:

Report Hateful narratives in online media and online communication in Slovenia (Ajda Šulc and Iztok Šori)


  • Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
  • Center for Peace Studies, Croatia
  • Novi Sad School of Journalism


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