Through the Confluence of Rights. Grassroots Peace Building: Human Rights and Freedoms

The main goal of the project was to stimulate co-operation between partners of the ex-Yugoslavian countries to work actively together in the field of human rights and freedoms.

Project execution

The project was divided into two phases:
1. A four-day training of participants in Brežice. Lectures were structured around understanding human rights; the purpose of the workshops was to educate the participants on human rights issues with the further aim of forming a cross-border team that will work on the second phase.
2. The main goal of the follow-up is to organise a team that will work on a cross-border basis, with the aim of stimulating co-operation between NGOs in different countries, of providing peace-building activities in the region (helping to facilitate communication between divided communities, networking those organisations focused on human rights and to promote human rights). The pilot project is expected to be launched in Kosovo and later expanded to different areas in the Balkans.

Location: Brežice


the Brežice Youth Centre the Centre for Peace Studies (Zagreb)