Evro in slovenska podjetja

EURO and Slovene Companies

The study by a student of the Faculty of Economics was conducted under the mentorship of prof. dr. Andrej Kumar. The author explores what the introduction of euro means for Slovene companies, how much do the companies think about euro, how and if do they adjust to the new currency and how the euro affects their work.
Preface – The Euro In The Process Of Globalization And Integration In The European Union
Dilemmas Connected With The Euro
The Legal Basis And Characteristics Of The Euro
The Justifiability Of Introducing The Euro
The Threats To The Stability Of The External Euro’s Value
What Are The Advantages Of The Euro?
The Expectations And The Use Of The Euro


From An Idea To The New Currency
The Development Of The Monetary Union – Plans And Agreements
The Place Of The Euro In The Economy And Politics

The Introduction Of The New Currency
The Euro In Companies Located In The Emu Area
The New Currency As A Counterbalance To The Us Dollar
The Euro And The Internal Market
The Impact Of The Euro On Individual Markets
Advantages Of The Euro And Associated Costs
Changes And Adaptations In The Key Areas Of Operation

Slovenia’s Approach To The Eu
Legal Background
The Specific Features Of Negotiation Positions
The Slovene Economy And Convergence Criteria
The European Commission On Slovenia’s Readiness To Enter The Eu

Slovene Companies And The Euro
Changes And Adaptations In The Key Areas Of Business Operations
The Influence Of The Euro On Selected Slovene Companies
The Use Of The Euro In Revoz
The Use Of The Euro In Iskra Avtoelektrika

Survey Of The Euro’s Impacts On Slovene Companies
The Importance Of Foreign Markets And The Eu Market In Particular
The Impact Of The Euro In Slovene Companies