Report from the event “Economy beyond the capitalist ideology”

Report from the event “Economy beyond the capitalist ideology”

SUSY_Logo_WhiteClaim_Background_SMALLFrom 5 th till 11 th June Peace institute organized Speakers tour of experts at the field of social and solidarity economy in Brazil, Edlisa Barbosa Peixoto from Fortaleza (Instituto Banco Palmas) and Elisabeth Grimberg from Sao Paulo (Instituto Polis).

In the context of Speakers tour a three-day Dialogue oriented workshop has been organized (6-7- 8 June), which was aimed at exchanging experiences among actors in the field of social and solidarity economy in Slovenia as well as sharing good practices from Brazil by guests speakers. It was attended by Max Zimani (Institute Global, Skuhna); Ajda Pistotnik (EnaBanda), Gaja Brecelj (Umanotera), Mateja Kraševec and Darja Cupin (Humanitas), Luna Jurančič Šribar (Kralji ulice), Jadranka Vesel (RISE Institute), Patricia Virtič (SLOGA), Živa Gobbo (Focus), Darij Zadnikar (Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Maja Ladič (Peace Institute), Maruša Babnik (Ekvilib) Živa Lopatič (Odjuga), Tadej Slapnik (Secretary of the State, responsible for the establishment of a dialogue with civil society and coordination of civic initiatives and social entrepreneurship) and Nena Dokuzov (leader of the Sector for social entrepreneurship at the Ministry of economic development and technology).

Additionally, public event “Economy beyond the capitalist ideology” (9 June) has been organized with the screening of the documentary film "Palmas" by Edlisa Barbosa Peixoto. The film presents a self-organized process of building parallel social and solidarity economy in a small town in Brazil and is freely available at the following link. The screening was followed by a discussion with the author of the film.

Elisabeth Grimberg presented an initiative for collection of waste for reuse or recycling, Coopamare (Cooperativa dos Catadores Autônomos de Papel, Aparas e Materiais Reaproveitáveis) from Sao Paulo. The initiative is a part of national movement MNCR (Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Reciclaveis). About them, Austrian partners Suedwind made a film, which was screened at the event, and is also freely available here.

Talk with guests was moderated by Ajda Pistotnik (EnaBanda), as well as a roundtable debate that followed, and where their thoughts about social and solidarity economy shared: Goran Lukić (Counseling for migrants), Rok Kogej (Institute for Labour Studies) and Gaja Brecelj (Umanotera).

All events within the Speakers tour were organized in Skuhna, a restaurant and catering on Trubarjeva cesta 56 in Ljubljana, which is managed according to the principles of social and solidarity economy by the Institute Global. Skuhna was selected as a good practice linking the fields of social and solidarity economy and development cooperation in Slovenia by the project SUSY / SSEDAS. Short video film about them has been prepared. Video presentations of good practices from other partner countries can be viewed on SUSY You Tube channel.

Events are part of the project Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability in EYD 2015 and beyond – SUSY, which Peace Institute develops in the consortium of 25 other partner institutions from the whole EU. The project is dedicated to research, advocacy, awareness raising and promoting good practices at the field of “bridging the gap” between Development Cooperation (DC) and Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) by involving public institutions and enhancing their awareness on how changes in the legal framework and public policies may strengthen the linkage between SSE and the fight against poverty.

Project is co-financed by the European Commission, programme: Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development, Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union.

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