Nation-wide Consultation Assembly regarding the establishment of a “Anti-Hate Speech Council” in Slovenia

11 December 2014, 12:00 AM | Hotel M, Ljubljana

Z odgovorom nad sovrazni govor_LogoThe first-ever nation-wide Consultation Assembly was organised in Ljubljana on 11 November 2014. The purpose of this cross-sectorial meeting among experts, NGOs and public bodies was to discuss the best avenues of addressing hate speech in Slovenia. In particular, the participants were invited to provide feedback on a proposed public reaction mechanism – the “Anti-Hate Speech Council”.

Connecting the key national stakeholders in hate speech prevention, the first Consultation Assembly was organised in order to help set up a sustainable systematically and publically responsive independent body. This so-called “Anti-Hate Speech Council” will comprise individuals from various governmental and non-governmental organisations, experts in prevention of hate speech and intolerance, as well as other public actors striving to contribute to a just society. By establishing the standards of public communication and by striving to secure a systematic response system, the Council – and the Peace Institute-led “Responding to Hate Speech in Slovenia” project more generally – should strengthen the public debate and empower the NGO sector and vulnerable groups.

The objective of establishing a sustainable independent body for public response to hate speech is less hate speech in Slovenia, empowerment of vulnerable groups, and encouragement of active citizenship more widely. The Consultation Assembly was an opportunity for the 4 project partners (the Peace Institute as the project coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, Human Rights Ombudsman, and Multimedia Centre of Radio Television Slovenia) to discuss their planned activities with stakeholders on a cross-disciplinary and nation-wide level. In effect, this inclusive approach should bring about an increased activation in terms of rejecting hate speech and a wide support for further project activities. The Consultation Assembly thus offered an opportunity to nominate potential members of the “Anti-Hate Speech Council”, to comment on its proposed Rules of Operation, as well as to offer any further suggestions and ideas relevant to hate speech prevention in Slovenia. The event was well-received and has already generated media interest.

EEA Grants and Norway Grants

The Peace Institute;
University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences;
Human Rights Ombudsman;
Radio Television Slovenia – Multimedia Centre.