Responding to Hate Speech – Activation of an Independent Conjunctive Body (ACT)

Z odgovorom nad sovrazni govor_LogoHate speech is a frequent feature of public discourse, often accepted and unsanctioned. The project addresses this problem by establishing a sustainable independent body for public response to hate speech. The objectives are less hate speech in Slovenia, empowerment of vulnerable groups, encouragement of active citizenship, and inclusion of the term ‘hate speech’ in legislation. Specifically, the project will set up an independent and sustainable system for regular public reaction to the problem of hate speech and enable cross-sectorial partnership, especially with state institutions. In effect, increased activation in terms of rejecting hate speech is expected and all the key actors in the field of prevention from and fight against hate speech are expected to benefit: CSOs, marginalised/vulnerable social groups, students, university lecturers, journalists, editors, online fora moderators, politicians, institutional representatives, and wider public. The project unites the work and expertise of 4 partners in the field of hate speech prevention, who represent the key stakeholders.

General objectives:

  1. Less hate speech in Slovenia.
  2. Vulnerable groups empowered.
  3. Active citizenship encouraged.

Specific aims:

  1. Setting up an independent and sustainable system for regular public reaction to the probem of hate speech in Slovenia.
  2. Setting up cross-sectorial partnership, especially with state institutions, on local, regional and national level.
  3. Equipping stakeholders with competencies for recognition and activation against hate speech.
  4. Development of a network/coalition of NGOs working together in partnership.
  5. Increased activation of civil society and society in general in terms of rejecting any kind of hate speech.

Project leader: Veronika Bajt
Project coworkers: Andrej Motl, Kaja Jakopič, Brankica Petković, Mojca Frelih, Jernej Rovšek, Neža Kogovšek Šalamon and Jasna Babić


  • The Peace Institute;
  • University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Ombudsman;
  • Radio Television Slovenia – Multimedia Centre.


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