Gender and the Media

Basic objective of the project is to raise awareness on gender equality in the media, both at the level of decision-making processes in the media as a level to promote awareness of gender at journalists and other creative / technical staff, which contributes to the production of media content, thereby strives to combat stereotypes on women and men in the media (at organizational level and at the level of content). The media is important to shape the social reality and therefore can strengthen existing gender specific patterns or promote changes in the direction of greater gender equality in society. Since we witnessed many attempts to re-tradicionaliztion of gender roles and the emergence of a number of sexism in the media in Slovenia , the project is working action and awareness, and at the same time is based on the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men in the media and media representations of gender.

In the proposed project we address issues of gender equality and the media, which is underweight topic in the Slovenian area. The project will be opened public space (both physical and virtual) to raise awareness, public discussions, analysis of the situation of women in the media (in the organizational structures and the creation of media content and the image of women in the media), including awareness raising and critical approach regarding the use of surnames of women and their possessive use (eg. Hrovatova highlighted ) in the media.