Dignity at Trial: Enhancing Procedural Rights of Persons with Intellectual and/or Psychiatric Impairments in Criminal Proceedings: Exploring the Need for Action

The overall aim of the project is to identify good-practices, as well as gaps and shortcomings of each project partner’s national criminal justice system (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Slovenia) with regard to the implementation of the Recommendation and to elaborate recommendations at the national and EU-level. It strives to enhance the awareness and capacities of professional stakeholders involved in criminal proceedings (in particular law enforcement authorities, legal practitioners, medical personnel, the judiciary, NGOs and representatives of persons with intellectual and/or psychiatric impairments) to understand the complex situation and barriers of these persons.




  • Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (Austria, project coordinator)
  • Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (Bulgaria)
  • League of Human Rights (Czech Republic)
  • Organisation Mental Health Perspectives (Lithuania)


European Commission