Knowledge Pays (Off): With Education and (Economic) Empowerment of Women Towards Gender Equality in Rwanda

Project objectives:
Objective 1: To enable access to education, building capacities and practical skills training for deprivileged groups of women and therefore contribute to better employment opportunities, economic independence and improvement of living standards of these women and their families.
Objective 2: To enable access to books and introduce the reading culture (which is the basis for successful learning) to the local population, especially children and youth.
Objective 3: To raise awareness about women’s rights and gender equality at the local level and to empower the most vulnerable women – “house-girls”.

Deprivileged groups of women, especially “house-girls”: education, trainings, (economic)empowerment, improvement of living conditions.
Children and youth from Nyamirambo or other parts of the local area: reading culture, consequently improvement of learning habits and academic achievements, better education and later on better employment opportunities.
Local community and local authorities: gaining the local library, free activities for women, awareness-rising.
NWC: additional capacity-building, 2 study visits, greater visibility and influence in the local community due to the library.

Project leader: Maja Ladić
Project coworkers: Julija Magajna, Franja Arlič, Jasna Babić and Irena Salmič

Project execution

Activity 1a: Educational activities and practical skills trainings (free courses: literacy, English, computer, sewing & handicrafts, producing economic cooking stoves) for women
Activity 1b: Study visit in Uganda and in Slovenia and additional education for NWC members
Activity 2: Establishing library and writing contest for children/youth
Activity 3: Awareness-rising workshops about women’s rights and gender equality for local leaders and empowerment of the most vulnerable women – “house-girls”

Photo gallery:
NWC members on a study visit to Uganda (Kabale)

Exchange of experience with local organizations in Uganda

Visiting a local library in Uganda (established by Association Edirisa Slovenia)

Empowerment workshops for house-girls

Workshops for representatives of Local Authorities

Handcrafts and sewing course products

Handcrafts and sewing course products

Handcrafts and sewing course products

Handcrafts and sewing course products


A journalist working for Deutsche Welle in Rwanda visited Nyamirambo Women’s Center. Listen to the presentation of the women’s center, activites and stories of women that attend our project’s activities (from 17 minute on)



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