Maja Ladić, PhD


In order to achieve a more even and equitable distribution of goods, capital, or food, development policies and strategies are not enough. It is necessary to ensure policy coherence in all areas that have any influence on the development field or the development of “developing countries”.
– Maja Ladić on development policies

Maja Ladić graduated in 2010 at the Faculty of social sciences (political science – international relations) in Ljubljana. She received an award from the Professor Klinar Fund for her final thesis Social inclusion/exclusion of Roma with an emphasis on the education of Roma in Prekmurje. During her studies, she was already interested in human rights, protection of minorities, ethnic discrimination, ethnic conflicts, social inclusion, gender equality, development and development cooperation. She is continuing her education in this direction – as a PhD student of developmental studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.

In 2008 she started working at the Peace Institute on different projects dealing with human rights, minorities, migrations, gender, (in)equality, development and development cooperation. As a volunteer she travelled to Rwanda in 2009 where she implemented needs-assessment in the local community. Based on those results new projects were then planned. Fieldwork and the connections with the local partner and local population got under her skin and since then she has been a coordinator / leader of development projects in Rwanda. She also strives to raise public awareness about development topics also in Slovenia and to have fair and equal relationship with the local partner (for example: to give Rwandan colleagues an opportunity to travel to Slovenia). With a PhD in development studies she hopes to upgrade and improve her experience and knowledge she obtained through fieldwork and development projects, which also provide an important added value to the empirical part of her doctoral dissertation.



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