Play It for Change – raising awareness and empowerment of girls and boys for the prevention of gender based violence through audio – visual media and music (PfC)

logoa_OK_4Project Play It for Change aims to educate and raise awareness of youth through audiovisual media and music by encouraging their critical thinking and fostering their empowerment to prevent and combat gender based violence.

In the project, we will conduct a survey about the attitudes and thinking of young people between 12 and 18 years of age about gender equality and gender based violence. We will collect the evidence on the impact of gender stereotypes in the audiovisual media and music on youth’s attitudes and behaviors. In addition, teachers and education professionals, who work with young people will also be involved in the survey in order to assess their needs for the prevention of gender based violence.

The Capacity Building Programme for teachers and education professionals will be developed and implemented in order to enrich knowledge and competencies for the prevention of gender based violence among youth. The Capacity Building Programme will also allow schools to actively participate in the project in working with young people, especially in the production of audiovisual materials. Young people will have the opportunity to create audiovisual materials with the aim of preventing gender based violence and eliminating gender stereotypes. With regard to the production of gender sensitive audiovisual materials, workshops for young people, teachers and education professionals will be held.

Audiovisual and music works, developed by youth, will be presented at the National Youth Festival and at the European Youth Festival in Warsaw (Poland) at the end of the project. The project fosters communication of young people through social media (Facebook, Instagram) and the project’s website. School representatives, who will actively participate in the project, will have the opportunity to participate in the education and sharing of knowledge and experience with colleagues from the participating countries, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, and Croatia.

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Greeting of Equality (Pozdrav enakosti)

Remain Yourself (Ostani ti)

PLAY IT FOR CHANGE – Policy brief



EC, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC Programme 2014-2020)