RefugeeAction: Monitoring of Refugee Policies, Provision of Information and Tackling Xenophobia

Field reports



Project’s overall goal is to defend and promote open society values, influence public opinion, break stereotypes about refugees and counter hate-speech arising from the current refugee situation.

Project’s objectives are:

  • to monitor legal and practical procedures and the situation in the field, and recommend improvements / changes;
  • to ensure access to information and legal aid to refugees, and others (NGOs, volunteers etc.);
  • to advocate for the rights of the refugees before Slovenian authorities;
  • to break stereotypes about the refugees;
  • to raise awareness / improve knowledge of the general public about causes of current refugee situation;
  • to sensitize journalists / media for more adequate media reporting (less populist and sensational, more analytical).

Project’s activities are:

  1. MONITORING: visiting border-crossings, registration/accommodation centers, Asylum Home, Foreigners’ Center etc., observation of the situation in the field as well as monitoring of the procedures;
  2. LEGAL ASSISTANCE: providing legal aid and information to the refugees, if needed;
  3. COORDINATION: regular communication and exchange of information with other engaged actors for improved coordination of activities;
  4. ADVOCACY: ad-hoc responses to developments, recommendations to the authorities, writing public statements, suggesting legislation changes, addressing burning issues and ad-hoc situations / needs in the field;
  5. AWARENESS-RAISING: organization of 6 public events across Slovenia (topics: who are refugees, why are they fleeing (now), developmental issues, the role of Europe and the Western world, current EU migration policies, necessary migration policy changes, addressing people’s fears, etc.).
  6. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY AND CAMPAIGN: poster campaign across Slovenia; proactive work with the media (setting the agenda; meetings/discussions with journalists/editors); informative website section within PI’s website; active Facebook and Twitter communication.




Open Society Initiative for Europe