The Profiles of Women’s Magazines

The project is aimed at analysing Slovene men’s and women’s magazines from the perspective of gender construction. In terms of content and target group the sample of the magazines used will be diverse enough to encompass the fundamental structural elements, editorial policies, topics, and cultural patterns. The project is based on the fact that the issue of women’s magazines and their generative cultural and social functions has not been fully explored yet. So far, there have been no in-depth content analyses and socially situated interpretations, especially in relation to the specifics of women’s magazines in the transitional period. A comparative analysis with the men’s magazines is as yet an entirely unexplored aspect in analyses of a similar kind.

Project leaders: Barbara Vodopivec in Majda Hrženjak
Project coworkers :Sabina Mihelj, Zdenka Šadl, Ksenija Horvat Petrovčič, Breda Luthar, Brankica Petković, Sandra Bašić-Hrvatin and Vlasta Jalušič