studies of ethnicity and nationalism

Article Whose children? The EU and Member States’ integration policies in education

The Peace Institute researchers Vlasta Jalušič and Veronika Bajt published a new scientific article In the latest issue of the journal Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. In the text entitled Whose children? The EU and Member States’ integration policies in education, they argue that nationalism and the denial of rights in EU member states are the two main obstacles that – despite the positive developments that have taken place within the framework of EU policies for the integration of migrant children – prevent integration from becoming a two-way process, focusing on the rights, needs and interests of the children themselves. Instead, the question “Whose children?” continues to be the main frame of debate. Until the policies and practices of integration in the EU and member states do not adopt the perspective of children’s rights in all its dimensions as the only legitimate perspective, this question will be forced to the fore and prevent the full integration of migrant children.

The article is based on  the research work of both colleagues in several projects and in the research program of the Peace Institute: Micreate (funded by the European Union – Horizon 2020), A break in tradition: Hannah Arendt and changes in  the political conceptuality, Hate speech in modern conceptualizations of racism, gender and migration, and Equality and Human Rights in an Age of Global Governmentality  (all funded by Slovenian research agency).