Media and Gender: Structures and Practices of Inequality

Mediji in spol: stukture in prakse neekanosti (original title) | Media and Gender: Structures and Practices of Inequality
Eds. Mojca Pajnik, Breda Luthar, 2019, pp. 224, Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (in Slovenian, with abstracts in English)

The book explores why and how gender differentiation needs to be understood at the crossroads of class divides and the hierarchical gendered structures of the contemporary capitalist society, and how gender does not exist in isolation, but always coincides with class, ethnic, cultural structures. Foregrounded epistemologies are that of the feminist historical materialism that introduced patriarchy and engendered class into the analysis of social relations. The book is based on a multi-level analysis of television in Slovenia, which encompasses the analysis of the macrostructure of digital capitalism and media policy, the meso-organizational level of media institutions, and the micro ritual construction of journalistic conventions and their gender biases.

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