verige globalnega kapitalizma

The chains of global capitalism / Verige globalnega kapitalizma

The book presents a lesser-known exploration of “global value chains” that needs to be better known, as it addresses the fundamental contradictions of our social development. It deals with global systems of production and consumption, which consist of global supply chains under the control of international corporations. The field has recently been appropriated by international organizations in order to propagate neoliberal policies and the integration of domestic economies into global chains, because economies are supposed to develop faster, create new jobs and serve local social needs more easily. The Slovenian government also joined this propaganda with its program to promote internationalization. The contributions in the book, based on rigorous scientific procedures, show very different results: that the integration of the economy into global chains brings unequal global development rather than global prosperity and, for many, “impoverishing growth” rather than economic progress. In short, de te fabula narratur [they are talking about you]!

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