Wage work. Critique of theories of precarity

A new book by Maja Breznik entitled Mezdno delo. Kritika teorij prekarnosti has been published by the Sophia publishing house. “Theories of precarity made a cognitive turn in the ideologies of flexibility. Their achievement was to replace the perspective of management with the perspective of labor. But since they fought for a long time in the ideological field of the opponent, they must be cleansed of false radicalism and moralism. The book Mezdno delo strives to separate science “fiction” from scientific research through critical reading. The result that can be reached with such a reading is the extraction of the concepts of class composition, co-exploitation, surplus exploitation and unfree wage labor. Together, these help to explain an important contradiction of the present: that the freedom of capitalists, based on the ability to accumulate capital, can only be maintained by the unfreedom of those who create value.” (Back Cover, 2021)