White paper: Rights on the Move – Rainbow Families in Europe

Is a same-sex partner recognized as a family member who may invoke the right to family reunification under the EU law? Are parental rights recognized in one Member State by way of judicial decision recognized also in another EU Member State? Would a Member State A recognize intersex status granted to a person by a Member State B? These are only some of the questions that we are addressing in a White Paper titled ”Rights on the Move – Rainbow Families in Europe”, a document in five languages that we prepared in a project with the same title. The White Paper contains an overview of all relevant fields of the EU law important for free movement of rainbow families – recognition of relationship and divorce, immigration, adoption, reproductive rights, children’s rights and parental responsibilities, employment benefits and pensions, property rights, recognition of transgender and intersex status. It also contains recommendations for the institutions of the European Union.

White Paper in English
White Paper in Italian
White Paper in Spanish
White Paper in French
White Paper in German