A Long Way Home – Media and Political Discourses on the EU Integration of the »Western Balkans«

The seminar was organized with the aim that scholarly debates and criticism of the EU discourses and policies exceed academic domain. It included the authors of these discourses and policies – journalists and politicians into these debates and contribute to better practices and greater self-reflection. The exchange of views of scholars, journalists and decision makers from the Western Balkans and the European Union was made possible. These discourses was related to historically established discourses about the Balkans as a savage, semi-civilized, backward region on the European periphery, with the aim to show how these stereotypes function in the new context, in which Europe is ideologically equated with the European Union.

Project leader: Brankica Petković
Project coworkers: Tanja Petrović, Mojca Frelih and Jasna Babić


Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program (OSI)