Complementary Pathways in South-East Europe (COMP4SEE)

Complementary Pathways in South-East Europe (COMP4SEE) is a two-year project aiming to develop complementary arrival schemes for persons in need of international protection in three EU Member States – Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia – that have not yet established systems for legal reception, other than to fulfil their obligations under the CEAS and the resettlement (burden-sharing) schemes. The project aims to encourage the implementation of the EU Common Framework for Asylum and Migration Management and the European Commission Recommendation on Legal Routes to International Protection, both of which advocate for a comprehensive approach to migration, including the expansion of legal routes for third-country nationals in need of international protection and facilitating access to the right to family reunification.

Based on research on existing legislative systems, the positions of relevant stakeholders and good practices from abroad, the project partners will develop new models for private sponsorship of the arrival, reception and integration of beneficiaries of international protection and make recommendations for improving national family reunification systems as one of the systems for legal arrival in the European Union. The project foresees research and advocacy activities that will lead to an increase in the number of new places for legal admission and effective integration.
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  • Croatian Law Center (coordinator)
  • Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs (Slovenia)
  • Foundation for Access to Rights (Bolgarija)


  • European Commission
  • Ministry of Public Administration (NGO Fund)