Engaged in Equality – Challenging masculinities and engaging adolescent boys to end gender-based violence

EQUALITY_ENGADED IN EQUALITIY_vertical2 colourEngaged in Equality addresses the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) by addressing hegemonic masculinities and the engagement of men and boys in gender equality. The project’s goal is to challenge traditional gender roles, hegemonic masculinity and engage young people in becoming role models for the elimination GBV. It also has the objective to empower young people, in particularly adolescent girls to identify the potential risks of hegemonic masculinity and gain confidence to reject abusive behaviours and relationships.

Exchange, understanding and cooperation between young people will be strengthened to jointly contribute to healthy and positive relationships. Negative gender stereotypes and norms that hinder gender equality will be tackled by using an innovative and previously tested approach, based on audio-visual media and music, and the capacity building of education professionals.

In cooperation with Nik Škrlec and Nika Rozman, we will organise workshops for young people on the topics of online violence, gender-based violence and stereotypes, and will look for ways to address youth empowerment.Together, we will analyse music videos, excerpts from TV series and films, discuss and jointly find possible solutions to reduce different types of violence.

Project execution

The activities include:

  1. Developing training and practical tools (Capacity building modules and a Teacher Toolkit).
  2. Pilot-delivery of Capacity building trainings to teachers and educational staff on GBV prevention.
  3. National networking seminars for teachers and educational staff.
  4. Awareness-raising and empowerment activities for young people.
  5. Peer-to-peer workshops leaded by young people.
  6. European mutual learning events for teachers and young people.
  7. Awareness-raising campaign (creation of 30 videos by the participant young people).

As a result, 650 young people will be engaged and empowered to take action for gender equality and 150 teachers will be trained to more effectively challenge masculinities and prevent unequal power relationships and GBV among their students.

Additionally, awareness on the need to tackle the harmful effects of hegemonic masculinity will be raised and more comprehensive and effective strategies and methods to combat GBV among adolescents will be adopted and promoted at regional, national and European levels.



  • European Commission, CERV-2021-DAPHNE
  • Ministry of Public Administration (NGO Fund)