Developing Media Criticism Capacity in Mongolia

As a part of the project Developing Media Criticism Capacity in Mongolia study visit to Slovenia for Mongolia team was arranged. The study visit offered the opportunity to learn from the experiences of setting up and running the Media Watch project (including methodological, practical, logistics and other aspects) and strengthen collaboration with colleagues from Slovenia. The experienced media researchers from Slovenia provided training sessions, focusing on various examples of critical media research projects of the Peace Institute. Besides the training seminar, a visit to the Media Department of the University of Primorska, Koper was arranged where the project team and journalism teachers exchanged their views on media discourse analyses.

Within the study visit program there was an additional training among the project team from Mongolia and project consultant (international expert Poul Erik Nielsen, University of Aarhus, Denmark), organized in order to follow-up training sessions, held in Ulan Bator in the previous phases of the project and to empower the project team for next steps. Besides, two field visits to agencies in Slovenia (Delo and Dnevnik), experienced in the fields of media market research and media audience research, was organised for the director of the Mongolian Press Institute.

Project execution


Press Institute of Mongolia


  • East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Foundations)
  • Press Institute of Mongolia