FemQueer: Common strategies for gender equality

Gender equality is a basis for democratic society including organizations, working in the field of adult education. Gender awareness is important for trainers, project employees, project managers and stakeholders in adult education as it enables to create an inclusive learning environment for all, regardless of gender identity or background. In recent times, there has been an increased presence of feminist and queer actors in the public. However, trans-exclusionary feminism has become a topic of debate, leaving many people uncertain of how to respond to the latest discussion. People working as trainers, project employees or stakeholders in adult education are uncertain how to address gender diversity and how to address and act in trainings so that everyone’s participation is involved. It is very important that gender stereotypes are not reproduced in group setting.


Project goals are:

  • Initiated networking with organizations in the context of queerness and feminism
  • Exchange of different theoretical and practical approaches and experiences with the partner organizations and involved target groups
  • Implementation of workshops and exchange meetings
  • To prepare the strategy paper for gender equality

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  • Nowa Training Beratung Projektmanagement (Coordinator)
  • Verein Fur Manner- Und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark