Hate Speech and Populist Othering in Europe Through the Racism, Age, Gender Looking Glass – RAGE

The project researches populism; by focusing on youth we analyse populist movements and groups in relation to racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, homophobia. We look at the ways in which various forms of intolerance become part of the populist programs, by way of constructing “the Other”. We look at practices and discourses of groups, movements and political parties that can be labelled as populist in the partner states (Austria, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Slovenia). A distinct focus is on researching groups and parties in the online environment. In particular, we look at the role of the web where exclusion is manifested while attention is also devoted to researching anti-racist groups and initiatives for generating democratic, anti-racist acting in communities and society in general.

Project leader: Mojca Pajnik
Project coworkers: Iztok Šori, Ana Frank, Mojca Frelih and Roman Kuhar


  • University of Leicester, Great Britain
  • Univesity of Aalborg, Denmark
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Florence, Italy
  • New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
  • University of Paris 8, France
  • University of Vienna, Austria


European Commission, Fundamental rights and citizenship, 2013-2015