Men in Care. Workplace support for caring masculinities (MiC)

MiC_logotipoThe European project MiC aims to improve organizational conditions for men taking caring roles. Its main focus are organizational players and cultures that can help men to do what they want, but sometimes fail to do: be more involved in caring roles. MiC will identify and share best practice models for achieving a high level of work-life-balance for employee. Both men and women should have time and flexibility to care for themselves and others (e.g. sick family members, children, friends). Through this the gender bias of support measures in the public and private sector can be reduced.

Work-life-balance measures in organizations can have positive effects on men and people in their near social environment, on organizations and society as a whole. Employee with a higher work-life-balance are more satisfied with their life, have stronger relationships with children and partners, show a greater loyalty and productivity and a variety of knowledge and skills, including care-competencies.

In MiC a network of companies, social partners, researchers and organisations will be created to improve work-life-balance for men and women in national as well as in European contexts.

The purpose of MiC is to:

  • share best practice models for improved work-life-balance
  • promote workplace strategies to support men in sharing care responsibilities
  • improve working conditions from which both employee and employer will benefit (reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and job satisfaction)

Therefore MiC undertakes:

  • multiplier events and company analysis
  • In-house seminars/business breakfasts for information exchange, trainings for managers, men and workers’ representative
  • the development of a ‘Men in Care Guideline’ for companies
  • a public campaign and builds a sustainable multi-level partnership
  • the development of policy recommendations to promote work-life-balance for men

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European Commission, EaSI-PROGRESS.