Roma People in Ljubljana: Diversity of Perspectives

Project aims at selecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on Roma people situation in Ljubljana regarding following areas: housing, access to social and health services, education and employment, political participation and citizenship status. In terms of conceptual and methodological approaches the project is following the concept of multiple discrimination, deconstruction of biased uniform image of Roma population in public and inclusion of Roma people perspectives. In addition to gathering quantitative and qualitative data the main target of the project is to answer the question formulated as »What are the problems of Roma population in Ljubljana?« from the point of view of different perspectives and reflexions expressed by Roma people themselves on their own situation and possible solutions. So far this question has been mainly answered by experts and policy makers. The aim of the project, however, is to give the voice to those, who were throughout defined as a »problem« and in whose name the experts, policy makers and public representatives have been speaking. Thus the project should enable the background for introducing integrative and innovative action programs and policy measures for quality social inclusion of Roma people in Ljubljana. The core activity of the project are interviews with different groups of Roma population in Ljubljana. Special attention will be devoted also to the analysis of social work with Roma people and to the political representatives of Roma people in Ljubljana.

Project leader: Majda Hrženjak
Project coworkers: Ana Marija Sobočan, Špela Urh, Darja Zaviršek, Jelka Zorn, Petra Videmšek, Romana Zajc, Brankica Petković, Saša Panić, Neža Kogovšek Šalamon and Veronika Bajt


Faculty for Social Work, Ljubljana


Ljubljana's municipality