The Erased: Towards Justice and Accountability

This project limited to 2013, is a continuation of the previous PI projects in this field. The goals of the project are 1) to facilitate wide regularization of legal statuses by providing information, legal counselling and representation; 2) to achieve justice for the erased people by supporting the implementation of the ECHR pilot judgment issued in the Kurić case; 3) to raise awareness of the general public on the need to accept responsibility and achieve accountability for violations.

Project execution

Realization in 2013
In 2013, the team focused on monitoring of the implementation of the ECHR Kurić
judgment, gathering of expressions of interest of erased persons for claiming
compensation (over 1000 persons contacted us). In this work we cooperated closely
with the Italian attorney Andrea Saccucci. We also continued to represent the erased
persons in status regularization procedures in about 100 cases.

Events in 2013
25 February 2013 – Public forum at the 21st anniversary of the erasure on this issue,
19 February 2013 – Briefing for ambassadors,
5 June 2013 – Round table on rrasure, Dokumenta, Zagreb, Croatia,
26 September 2013 – Days of Slovenian Administration – paper on the experience of
representing the erased (as vulnerable parties to procedure) in administrative
11 November 2013 – Briefing for ambassadors,
4 informal briefings for the members of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of
Europe (in February, May, September and November 2013) in Strasbourg on the
implementation of the ECHR pilot judgement in the case Kurić and others v.
Slovenia – organised by the Open Society Justice Initiative

External consultants: Andrea Saccucci, attorney at law, Italy
Tomaž Trplan, website editor


OSF – Human Rights and Governance Grants Programme