E-Engagement Against Violence

The project researchers the impact of racism and populism in the online environment with the aim to raise awareness of youth about violent media content and increase their capacities of active citizenship and media literacy. The project looks at the pronounced populist and racist movements and groups in seven Europen countries, i.e. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Great Britain, Slovenia). The project analyses media and their use by populism actors. It looks into communication strategies of movements and their messages directed against “the Other”. The aim is to contribute to empowerment of youth and of teachers in counter-acting racism. More is available at  http://www.engagementproject.eu/.


  • University of Florence, Italy
  • Média Animation ASBL, Belgium
  • University of Leicester, Great Britain
  • New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
  • University of Paris 8, France
  • University of Vienna, Austria


European Commission, Program DAPHNE, 2013-2015