South East European Media Observatory: Building Capacities and Coalitions for Monitoring Media Integrity and Advancing Media Reforms (Phase 2)

NNS South East European Media Observatory  xxs.jpgThe project nurture and foster prominent role of civil society in the media reform processes in the countries of South East Europe. It aims at informing and sparkling public debates on media freedom and pluralism, particularly addressing impact of media ownership and political clientelism, and at influencing media sector reform processes through developing media integrity index, regional media observatory, consultations and coalitions.
Project goals:
– To empower Civil Society Organizations and their regional network to monitor structures and practices in the media sector relevant for its role in democratic processes (media integrity)
– To straighten CSOs and their network to influence media sector reform processes
– To make force decision makers on state and industry level exposed to pressure by CSOs to approach the issues related to media integrity through regulation, self-regulation or other instruments
– To inform and encourage regulators, independent state bodies and self-regulators to act
– To engage investigative journalists and media NGOs in advancing media integrity
– To raise awareness of the general public.
Project leader: Brankica Petković
Project coworkers: Jovana Mihajlović Trbovc, Lana Zdravković, Saša Panić, Aldo Milohnić, Jasna Babić and Franja Arlič


Project execution

Phase one: 1.12.2012 – 31.1.2015
Phase two: 31.1.2015 – 30.11.2016



PSB funding and governing models
Comparing models and demanding reforms of public service media
Brankica Petković, Saša Panić, Sandra B. Hrvatin, 2016
The editors role in media integrity protection
Alternatives and policy recommendations
Monitoring media law implementation in Macedonia and Serbia
Book 'Media Integrity Matters'
Media integrity matters (Book of the SEE Media Observatory)
SEEmediaobservatory, 2014
Brochures »Understanding the Meaning of and Risks to Media Integrity«
In English language it is available here.
In Albanian language it is available here.
In Bosnian language it is available here.
In Croatian language it is available here.
In Macedonian language it is available here.
In Serbian language it is available here.
In Turkish language it is available here.



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