Raziskava o mladoletnikih brez spremstva v Srednji Evropi

Despite statistical shortcomings on unaccompanied minors (UAMs) in central Europe, public and social welfare authorities believe that the number of these children is growing, and that trafficking in unaccompanied children is on the increase. Although some research has been conducted on the issue through the Separated Children in Europe Program (SCEP), the focus of this research was limited in scope. The current project seeks to build upon these reports and other available data by expanding the target group, focusing on legislative and institutional issues, and examining central Europe as a region of destination for UAMs, rather than simply one of transit or origin. Country Reports (for countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) will be prepared based on desk research and interviews with relevant groups, which will be considered and finalized by experts from the region during a two-day workshop in Budapest. In addition to finalizing the reports, the workshop participants will draft recommendations for necessary policy and programmatic interventions to combat this growing trend, which will be reflected in the final published report.
Vodja projekta: Simona Zavratnik Zimic
Sodelavka na projektu: Tatjana Pezdir


  • Executing agency MENEDÉK Budapest
  • Country partner: Peace Institute Ljubljana


Executing agency MENEDÉK Budapest