MAGEEQ: Policy Frames and Implementation Problems: the Case of Gender Mainstreaming

Studies on the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in the European Union show that its revolutionary potential is endangered by distortions due to shifts in gender equality concepts connected to national differences. In view of the Enlargement and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, they warn against a focus on employment or on technocratic instruments and are concerned about the lack of attention for Eastern European realities and for other structural inequalities. MAGEEQ will construct a method to assess inconsistencies in gender equality policy frames to contribute to managing these inconsistencies. The basis of the method is a conceptual framework and a comparative analysis of differences and similarities in gender equality policy frames. MAGEEQ will contribute to policy and gender studies by using innovative approaches in frame analysis. The project includes Eastern and Western European countries; focuses on citizenship and other structural inequalities; prepares for a sound monitoring and evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming; and will enhance the quality of EU policies and the quality of life of its citizens.

Vodja projekta: Vlasta Jalušič
Sodelavki na projektu: Majda Hrženjak, Maruša Gortnar in Mojca Frelih


Spletna stran projekta:


  • Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna, Austria
  • Nijmegen School of Management, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid (USM), Madrid, Spain
  • Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary, Social and Political Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
  • National Center for Social Research, Athens, Greece


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