zbirka esejev Collection of Think Pieces

Članek / Imaginaries of New Politics

Zbirka esejev – Collection of Think Pieces  – je nastala v sklopu mednarodnega seminarja “Let’s Talk: #Debt Meets#Degrowth” na temi odrast in dolg v začetku junija na Športno Društvo Tabor. V lično oblikovani knjižici oblikovalke Andreja Vekar je zbranih 11 tekstov skupaj z uvodnikom Ajda Pistotnik – The Future Is Now – Think Degrowth, ki so razvrščeni v tri tematske sklope: nelegitimni dolg, stanovanjska politika in nove politike.

Zbirko esejev si lahko preberete in naložite tukaj.

“The change towards new politics can only be implemented by us, the people who are aware that we have the power, that we are the only possible political entity and that we have the responsibility for political actions and political changes in the world.

The dominant understanding that parliamentarism is the only possible way of doing politics should, could and can be changed: self-organized, autonomous grassroots groups, collectives and initiatives have proven that through the long history of struggle within the dominant system. New politics has an important goal, namely to face the dominant state of “capitalo – parliamentarism” or the “all-too-objectivist apparatus of the market economy and the electoral ritual with sense” as A. Badiou put it, and to pull people out of passivation, lethargy and depression. Real politics should be able to find ways for reinvention of the political engagement starting from the local level to all the levels of society.

People are political beings and new political structures, new political methodologies and new political discipline have to be invented in order for people to act politically more than once every four years come election day.” (‘Imaginaries of New Politics’, Lana Zdravković)